The TaRA - 5000

The Taxidermic Rejuvenation

Archetype 5000

was designed after my late wife, Tara. Tara passed away suddenly after her 35th

birthday from an undetermined illness. And like so many others, after she passed

I was lost and hopeless without her – without the one I loved so dear, beside me.

I could no longer hear her laugh or relish in her smile. The weight of her memory

made me miss her even more. So I decided to change that. I decided that I no

longer wanted to live without my wife by my side. Why should we allow Death

to keep us from the ones we love? The answer is simple – we shouldn’t. And now,

we don’t have to. Through experimentation I generated a new, revolutionary

form of taxidermy which would give you a different way to spend eternity

with the ones you love.

The TaRA-5000.

You Need Not Part
The TaRA - 5000

Introducing the TaRA-5000

Now is the time to take back what was lost and enjoy this time together.

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